Cadbury Case Study

"Chocolate" the one issue that everyone consumes right from a tyke to the 100-year previous man is that the most derated product and is anticipated to plug by itself. United Nations agency extremely takes it seriously?

Cadbury India, they need used Facebook promoting as a part of its promoting strategy to push "Dairy Milk" a complete that is making an attempt to require the instance desserts position post-dinner with the tagline - "Khaney ke baad such (kuch) meetha hojayey".

Cadbury India Story 

Entering the Indian market in 1948, Cadbury may be a well-known and much-loved complete, in hand by Mondelez International. Cadbury remains at the highest of the purple avens market due to its quality product and therefore the unforgettable ways in which it communicates with shoppers.

Cadbury Business Goal 

The confectionery complete wished to live the impact Facebook would wear its 2-month "badhti dosti ke naam" multichannel campaign, that shows folks building friendships by sharing Cadbury farm Milk.

Cadbury Strategy 

Cadbury used Facebook promoting to make on prime of the thirty sec TV ad that they need created victimisation this sweet saas-bahu (mother-in-law daughter-in-law) couple to use their complete "Dairy Milk" as a tool to make friendly relationship and rapport.

Most folks United Nations agency are married positively perceive the sweetness and therefore the enigma that the link between this couple brings to our lives therefore this fascinating conception of sharing one thing sweet to explore a bridge connected with the audience on AN emotional level.

To position itself as the simplest way for folks in India to grow their friendships, Cadbury ran a 2-month cross-platform campaign, together with digital and ancient channels.

The complete created a 30-second TV business that includes a mother and in-law dance within the street whereas sharing a bar of chocolate, and ran it as a video ad on Facebook.

Using Reach and Frequency as parameters on Facebook Cadbury India inspired its audiences to unfold the campaign, share the campaign with their friends.

They could achieve: 

• 5.8% increase in top-of-mind awareness 
• 5.1% increase in complete thought fully attributed to Facebook 
• 5.7% progressive reach over TV 
• 8.1% progressive reach over light-weight TV viewers 
• 2.8% increase in spontaneous awareness 
• 10X impact on Facebook advertising pay

Cadbury Worms Crisis 2003 ( Case Study) In 2003 there was a crisis at Cadbury that "Worms" were found in Cadbury farm Milk that hit the spotlights smartly as kids were the most shoppers of farm Milk.

There were many arguments between the Cadbury Management & the Retailers concerning United Nations agency was chargeable for this incident.

While Cadbury management argued that there wasn't an opportunity that the infestation may are doable at the producing finish however solely throughout unhealthy storage conditions at retailers, Retailers argued that worms couldn't have mammary gland into the chocolate bars at storage and will are a part of the producing method solely.

Cadbury farm Milk with Worm in it

This crisis, since it happened throughout the pageant season slashed away half-hour of sales from Cadbury's books instead of add 15 August 1945 sales throughout the pageant that was the norm for the corporate.

To make positive that customers trust was gained back, Cadbury did two things simultaneously:

1. To launch a replacement packaging "purity sealed" up to Rs.15 large integer in AN foreign packaging machinery in order that vacuum was maintained within the packaging to create positive such incidents do not occur in Jan 2004

2. Roped in "Amitabh Bacchan" as a complete ambassador to speak the modification in packaging to the purchasers & promise them that it had been safe to eat Cadbury once more.

Using this 2-pronged approach Cadbury was in a position to:

1. convert Media & public that the producing method was completely safe and therefore the infestation was solely caused as a result of storage conditions & by introducing the new packaging this may be avoided within the future.

2. Bring trust back to the purchasers by introducing a real complete ambassador United Nations agency is revered everywhere India.

3. Gain back sales that it lost since the crisis began.

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