Swift Open Source Programming Language

Swift programming language from Apple devoted to iOS and OS X application developers, is now an open source project. This means that all source code from Swift can be edited and rearranged, and allows developers to create programs without attribution. Apple also launched Swift.org, a special site containing documentation from Swift.

Swift Open Source Programming Language

The open source version of Swift is available in GitHub. But keep in mind, it's just a code from Swift that needs to be rearranged before it can be used.

Born to Apple's parent, Swift's programming language is now open source. Seeing this opportunity, there are at least three major technology companies that attempt to use Swift, namely Google, Facebook, and Uber.
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Someone sources say on the page The Next Site, Monday (11/4/2016), Google search engine giant is taking into account to Make Swift as the main programming language for Android.

Meanwhile, Facebook and Uber also reportedly was racking the brain to make Swift so core operational.

Google's own operating system, Android, now uses Java as its core programming language. The source said, the presence of Swift on Android is not to swap Java. With open source owned Swift, Google can adopt it on Android without any need to change the order of its open source mobile.

Swift itself is one of the favorite programming programming in the developer group, because it has a fairly easy operation and not as long-winded as the others. Swift was introduced in 2014 and currently supports IBM and Lyft, Pixelmator applications, up to Vimeo.

If Google really embodies the idea, the company must immediately prepare all standard libraries for Swift and support API-languages ​​and SDKs.

Right now, the API for Android is still in C ++ that bridges can not be bridged by Swift yet. Therefore, Google should write more bhs it well in order to bridge the API.

Therefore, the source said that the use of Swift for Android is not something that is not possible. Last year for example, developer Romain Goyet wear Swift and can be called quite successful.

This open source project also has not provided a special tool that can be used to develop applications with Swift in Windows and Linux operating systems.

The bottom line with being open source, what happens is that developers can develop iOS and OS X applications without using OS X operating system. And the possibility of Swift can be used to develop Windows and Linux applications when there is a feature ported to the operating system.

This programming language was developed by Chris Lattner in 2010. Four years later the new Apple introduced the availability of Swift to developers. Chris was inspired to develop Swift from other programming languages ​​such as Objective-C, Rust, Haskell, Ruby, Python, C #, and other languages. So there are some elements in Swift that are also used in the programming language.

Maybe some of us are still familiar with this one language, this language is commonly used to create applications on Apple-made devices running on iOS and OS X, Open Source Swift is one of the steps that is very appropriate for apple if this company wants to beat the internet giant Google that triumphed with the Operating System for its Smartphone which at the same time become the biggest rival of iOS in the smart phone market that is Android.

Initially the usual language used to create applications running on OS X and iOS was Objective-C then Apple introduced a new Swift language intended to replace Objective-C in the annual WWDC 2014 annual event, just as its predecessor Swift could only be used in Apple device that can be coded using X-Code IDE, but at WWDC 2015 Apple is pleased to announce that Swift will be released in the open source version. Apple's programming language is planned to be present on three platforms namely OSX, iOS, and Linux. This year Apple released Swift version 2 with an improvement called whole module optimization. Swift 2 will distribute its compiler and standard library for open source versions.

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