7 CMD Commands Frequently Used by Hackers

One of the tools built in Windows is Command Prompt or commonly abbreviated CMD, it may seem boring or even relatively useless. But, do you know in fact CMD is a hacking tool that is so powerful for hackers.

7 CMD Commands Frequently Used by Hackers

Command Prompt itself is a DOS command on Windows OS that can facilitate the user in exploring Windows either by on-line or off line. As for Linux OS users, the same feature of CMD is said to be a terminal.

As a computer user, you should know more closely CMD and understand the steps of work and point. To open Command Prompt quickly, use a combination of Windows + R keyboards in unison. Then, open the Run dialog box. After that, write CMD and press enter then CMD will open. Written from TechWorm, the Command Prompt command is often used hackers in the action.


Ping commands are often used in assessing issues on the network. The ultimate benefit of Ping is checking whether the specific ip / domain is alive or dead. Ping itself has many parameters and benefits that are often used by hackers. By default, Ping in Windows will send 4 packets, for example, ping x. x. x. x (x ie IP address). You can try ping 8. 8. 8. 8 have Google or ping www. google. com if you do not understand Google IP.


The nslookup command has many benefits. One of them is used to know ip from one domain. Beyond that, nslookup is often used to diagnose network issues associated with DNS.

Say you understand.kamu understand site URL but you do not understand its IP address, you can know by command nslookup in CMD. For example, by typing nslookup www. google. com (www. google.com is an example of a website that wants you to recognize its IP).


Tracert command in other words traceroute is used to find the path through which data packets go to ip / specific hosts on the Internet. This command exists in some network devices both router, wireless AP, Modem, Windows, Linux, and server.

Although this tool is on every network device, the name and command parameters are slightly different. For example, tracert x. x. x. x (x ie IP address) or tracert www. google. com.

4. ARP

The ARP or Address Resolution Protocol command is a protocol that is responsible for finding out the Mac Address or hardware address of a single host incorporated in a LAN network. Certainly, by using or based on the IP Address configured on the corresponding host. In OSI Layer, this protocol works on Layer 2 as well as Layer 3.


This route command is used to create a new path (routing) on ​​a computer to one network, generally on a LAN or WAN. Beyond that, you can know the network highway system, host path info, gateway, and network destination.


The ipconfig command is used to view network information or IP info installed on the network adapter. The real benefit of ipconfig is not just that, there are still other functions that are so useful for handling network troubleshooting or networking again, especially those using networks with DHCP.


This Netstat command plays a role to bring network connection statistics to the computer you are using. Netstat can be likened to task manager. The difference is, the task manager brings the system and applications running, while Netstat presents the service network that is being used along with the addition info such as ip and its port.

What is your opinion? Although the appearance of CMD is so simple, but the benefits are so amazing is not it? That is some of the CMD commands that are often used in the action, the benefits are abused hackers to achieve the goal.

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