3 Best Writing Alternative MS Word Apps

In general, people use MS Word to write. But I find that I rarely use them. In fact I had tried several other alternative writing MS Word applications.

3 Best Writing Alternative MS Word Apps

Why am I looking for another alternative? Is not MS Word very complete? Ah, actually that's it.

I feel the feature is too complete that it makes his appearance too crowded or complicated. To be objective, MS Word can indeed be made minimalist. But I want something quick and easy (are not we all?).

We have indeed discussed an alternative set of Office Suite MS Office programs. But what I discuss this time is not that kind of thing. This one is a simpler (though still functional) alternative MS Word writing app.

I have to admit, Mac has a choice of more alternative writing apps. Unfortunately also more cool. Options for Windows are not too many. Some apps also have an Android or iPhone version. Others do not.

Someone may ask what application I use. Well, usually to write articles on UrbanDigital, I type directly in WordPress. But I also often wear Bear. Lately-because I use an Android phone-I tried Dropbox Paper.


OmmWriter, ms word alternative writing app

Platform: Windows, macOS | Price: Minimum $ 7.2 (± Rp98,000)

OmmWriter comes with a simple appearance. Of course with the aim of focusing on writing activities, not busy with the typed display format.

This app has a cool landscape image background, font options, and supports multiple formats like .txt, .omm, .doc, .docx, or export to PDF or email.

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux | Price: Free

Do not tell me the old FocusWriter look. This application is intended to be a writing application that is free of interference. In this case the buttons or other settings are common in the menu.

FocusWriter supports basic TXT, RTF (rich text format) formats, and basic ODT (OpenDocument Text) files. This app also has themes settings, auto-save, portable mode, etc.


write application to write

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux | Price: $ 19.95 (± Rp271.080)

Just like the others, Write! also focus on writing process. So, his appearance is also simple. Even so, you can choose some writing format settings. In addition, there is a focus mode that highlights the paragraph you are writing (the other part is darker).

Write! support tab system so you can switch between articles easily. Then you can also choose writing with markdown, textile, wiki, or RTF. The app also supports syncing via the cloud and publishing directly to social media or on the Write page.


appearance of evernote application

Platform: Windows, macOS, web app, iOS, Android | Price: Basic - Free (with certain limitations)

Evernote is a popular cross-platform notes app. Although it is called a record, Evernote actually has a complete writing format function. That way, it could be a good alternative writing MS Word app.

Another advantage over the apps mentioned earlier is that Evernote also has applications for mobile devices. So you can continue writing or making additional notes anytime.

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